Maldives; Different experience of your tour

Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka. In 2004, several islands in the Maldives was hit by the tsunami. From Singapore, there are daily flights to the Maldives 08:30 ETD and eta 22:30 (time of 2 hours behind Maldives from Jakarta, with a flying time of about 4.5 hours).

Male Airport, very simple. Only consists of two parts, namely ordinary airport runway and the airport with water for seaplane. This airport is located on the island Hulule, about 2 km from the capital Male. Here we must take dhonny. Dhonny is the term for motor boat crossing to Male.

Male city streets is very narrow and a lot of motors, because the island is quite small, with a population of nearly 150,000 people. The population in the Maldives itself is around 300,000 people. You will only need a very short time when you up the coast Maldives.

It consists of Maldives atoll archipelago which lies about 800 km from North to South. Most consist of the resort, around the 80s, managed by international hotel chains such as Hilton, Fourseason and others.

Marine and Maldives coastal scenery is very beautiful, clear blue sea and a few places, we can also see the bottom of the sea and the fish. For those who like diving, snorkelling, fishing, maybe this is an interesting place. Yatch diving package with, for a week around USD 1800-USD 3000.00 depending on the type and service yatch

Food here is much influenced India, such as curry. They used to eat with rotti (like parata, martabak thin) and tuna fish. Tuna fish and big fish are the main food. Uniquely, they just take the meat. Meanwhile, the bone and its contents discarded. Similarly, chicken, without bones. Only small fish used as bait fishing.

If you have chance and want to visit Maldives, you are advised to visit with a ride Villifushi Island Seaplane. In this small plane you will have unique experience with the aircraft crew including the pilot and co pilot, because they are also look like the tourists who are only wearing shorts and barefoot. From aircraft passenger about 15 people, you’ll see a group of atolls which is very beautiful.

After that, you will be bring to the Island Villifushi using speed boat, because the aircraft may only resort decent landing a distance from Villifushi. Villifushi Island is an island devastated when the tsunami hit in 2004 and is currently being rebuilt as a new settlement for the people of Maldives.

Although you will be greeted by a fairly blistering hot weather, you should not miss fishing activities. Because fishing in the waters of this island is very easy, no skill. While you place your bait with a barge, you can get a fish with a fairly large size. And fresh fish can be found if you directly.

Another case in Dhaaru, locations with a population of around 1500 people, the facilities at this place practically ordered enough with slick, modern and clean. There are western lifestyle in this place.

So do not be surprised if this place you will be treated to a variety of foods that you’ve probably never felt like a piece of tuna fish, boiled without skin and bones and is only eaten with fresh chili and lime

Well, if you include people who like the challenge, you can use to return to Male dhonny with tempuah time approximately 12 hours. We left the cluster of Islands Atoll, your eyes will only see the expanse of blue ocean, communications equipment such as mobile phones you also can not use because there’s no signal.

What makes you feel awe is when the dolphins greet you on the right or left side of your boat riding, occasional crew went up to see the island destination.

With one of this tour you will get some pleasant experience, especially when the seaplane ride and a traditional boat dhonny. Certainly, the experience you can tell your friend, colleague, and your beloved family. You want to try it, go ahead.

Makaresh, Morocco; Arab Berber Cultural Arts Center

Located in the southwestern slopes of the Atlas Mountains, about 150 km south of Rabat. Because quite far from the capital city, Marakesh is sometimes missed a short tour of the agenda. Marakesh, is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca modern metropolis, and the capital Rabat.

Marakesh is very rich by historical relic, because in the 11th century. Marakesh becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Maghribi Almoravids. An Arab-Berber dynasty (North African) who had gave birth to the rulers of Andalusia (Spain) when it was under Muslim rule (750-1492).

Traces of past glory Almoravids, still looking at the traditional markets that highlight the cultural nuances of the Berbers, the stalls selling sweets typical of the Atlas Mountains, where the buildings make pottery “ceramic blue” highly admired by fans of trinkets home decoration, gate- city gates equipped with solid iron doors, the towers made from red brick and a half orange.

Old buildings are still preserved intact, including along the mosque jami Kutubia Tower, an old gate Babul Aquino, Souqul Madina (city market). Tourism bureaus in Rabat or Casablanca Marakesh as always promote the Arab cultural arts center typical North African Berbers which still survive the onslaught of modernization.

In “Souqul Madina” for instance, there are many style metal jewelry of gold, platinum, bronze, brass, and copper, became an icon souvenirs. Also perfume packaged in unique containers Interestingly, both glass bottles and ceramic, natural perfume smell that comes from flowers, grass or leaves and woody native Atlas Mountains.

Crowded market mood does not felt thanks to a light breeze from the holes in the roof height. Plus tinkling mandolin and lute, sing songs to accompany the desert.

If by chance we are in Marakesh during the fasting month, in a large field, or plaza near Kutubia Mosque, the largest Jami mosque in Marakesh, where pedestrians, street vendors, as well as the renderer for a variety of attractions, gathered up state of frenzy.

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Heidelberg Castle, Germany; Awaken the fantasy of imagination

Visit to Germany is not complete prior to visiting and seeing the beauty of the Heidelberg Castle. This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country’s history, located in the Neckar Valley. Therefore do not be surprised if the historic building that has always been a source of inspiration scenario writers, or filmmakers, and writers. Inspired by ancient buildings, therefore, the big movies or an interesting article about the background, even romance romance by taking a castle setting.

Everyone when entering the complex, awe immediately alighted on our feelings. Grand stand, amid hedge trees arranged beautifully, in the mind of thought on the Harry Potter films, with a background of fantasy castles. Typical castle and church buildings that you can find in almost every mainland European countries, often to impress people who see it.

Governments in Europe seem to really appreciate historical monuments there. Evident not only in Germany, almost in all countries in Europe, ancient castles and churches, still standing as originally preserved condition, and sold as assets of state tourism. Although allowed to stand as it is, it does not mean the government does not care. Maintenance and cleanliness of the building continues to be done, even with the latest technology. All for the sake of maintaining the building from destruction because it encroached on the age.

In the former building of the castle Electors Palatine, there are some which looked devastated. According to some sources, the destruction of the fort at once the palace of high architectural value that occurred during the war with France. And the government still allow debris into a spectacle of visitors. As historical evidence, that there never be war between the two countries led by the king. The establishment of the castle are also determined as the anniversary of the city of Heidelberg. Documents found in the city was the first time in 1196 and in 1225 was known by the name of Heidelberg.

Although much has been destroyed, but some are still standing proudly. And until now, the remaining buildings are still preserved castles. Buildings that are destroyed deliberately ignored, as historical evidence, that the place is never going to war and the takeover of power. Yet if the German government would rebuild the ruined castle to stand as before, or could have done to change shapes. But for the sake of history, the government thinks, the reconstruction of destroyed buildings is not deemed necessary.

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Enjoy outdoor activities with comfortable shoes

The great-outdoors can be experienced in different environments; both in the urban and rural settings. Walking and hiking remains one of the most popular pastimes for sampling the outside, and there is a strong argument in that there is nothing better than a brisk walk on a sunny summers’ morning. It is important you are kitted out for the occasion, starting with your choice of footwear. When walking or hiking, you need shoes which will protect your feet from the weather and terrain but are also comfortable, so you will enjoy your outdoor recreation.

For those who want to travel, it is important to ensure you are wearing the most comfortable shoes possible so you can maximise your enjoyment and not be bothered with the problem of feet. Merrell shoes and boots are specifically designed with comfor for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, walking, sports, backpacking in mind. Merrell have a wide range of footwear which are designed for all weather conditions. Merrell shoes are also durable and available in many styles to match the fashion and level of activity.

Merrell shoes are made with the highest standards and at affordable prices. These quality shoes incorporate extreme comfort, support and practical functionality to ensure they work in extreme conditions. In addition, the sandals and slip-ons collection on offer are trendy, stylish and sure to keep your feet comfortable while spending your day at the beach or when you go for a night of fun with friends. Even when the weather turns chilly and the conditions worsen, you can use waterproof shoes with leather uppers so that you can scramble through the snow, mud or anything else that gets in the way.

Merrell shoes are also available in sizes for men, women and kids where you can buy on trusted store or purchase online on authorized retailers and choose the type that fit to your needs.

Travel with maximum protection using hiking shoes

Whether you are a novice or an advanced hiker, there is one piece of equipment which it is imperative to get right; footwear. Hiking shoes are designed differently to ordinary shoes, and are engineered for durability and comfort. Choosing the right hiking shoe can be a complex task. A lot depends of the duration of your hike, how comfortable you are with hiking, as well as a whole range of comfort preferences. Should you be walking in wet terrain, it is important your shoes are waterproof too.

The most important aspect of hiking boots is the support provided around the ankle. The ankle joint is an important area to protect and support, as the joint governs the movement of the rest of your foot. It’s of paramount importance there is adequate support around the joint and also ventilation technology to keep your ankle and foot cool, as these area are prone to overheat during long walks. This is one of the many reasons why hiking boots become a vital tool of equipment for backpacking.

When choosing hiking shoes for your trip, choose specific to the type of hiking you will be doing. If you’re only a weekend or occasional hiker, you may simply require a decent pair of shoes with minimal frills. However, if you have weak ankles, or traveling amongst difficult terrain, boots are the best because it provides maximum protection. One brand that can rely on is the Regatta. Regatta boots and Regatta shoes provide protection from the rain as well as great comfort on rocky and rugged terrain. The waterproof feature on their shoes keep you feet dry and warm and the extra padding surrounding the ankle ensure you are properly protected throughout your hike.

Hunting favourite and delicious food

For those who love culinary is always hunting the new food and can’t miss it. Trying new delicious culinary, you certainly do not want to get out of places to eat with emotion because the food just tried discouraging.

However, what if the food that you just taste, is not in accordance with desire? Maybe, that comes a sense of disappointment. So that they do not happen, some of the following tips will help you become more observant when hunting delicious food:

• Select the type of food you want to try. Instead, choose healthy foods, so you can avoid all the diseases caused by food consumed.

• We recommend that you specify the appropriate time in accordance with the type of food you choose, so it can adjust your stomach.

• Determine what charges will you spend, this may help in choosing a place without having to drain the contents of the bag.

• Seek information from a friend, television culinary events, culinary books, or browsing on the spot and load time, price and taste of food you want to try. If you need help check point for the assessment.

• Ensure cleanliness is assured, even though the place is located at the curb. You do not want sick after a culinary tour that attacks the digestive disease.

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Enjoy winter holiday and travel to Russia

Siberia is one of the Russian territory, where tourists can visit in the summer and winter. Siberia is a famous place for many activities in the winter. There are several ski resorts in different places that offer an unforgettable activity for the tourists who love adventure tours.

Altai Mountains is located in the Altai republic in Western Siberia. This mountains is the perfect vacation place in the winter. The location of this mountains geographically is suitable place for skiing and snowboarding.  Belokhuriha is one of the best resorts in the Altai mountains. The resort is perfect for relaxing. Other resorts that is popular in Siberia, Lake Baikal is located in the region, where this place is deepest in the world. Sobolinaya mountain ski complex is the best place. Tourists will find many traces there, including traces for beginners and experienced skiers.

Russia is a country with many winter activities, not just the mountains that attract Russian tourists in winter, but also the cities. Most cities in Russia offers entertainment for the tourists at the winter months. Tourists who want to travel to Russia must apply Russia visa in order to traveling into this country.

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Sochi and other Russian cities is a popular destination for tourists during the winter, where many ski sports complexes and parks. Spend the winter in these cities has become a thing that unforgotten for the tourists.

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Great experience golf vacation in Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination in the world. If you played a great game of golf, Spain is one of the best golf locations in the world. The mild climate and world history is a good place to invite family.

Perhaps the most challenging golf courses are found in Madrid, La Manga Club, Costa del Sol on the South West coast of Spain, Almeria and others which is known by the outstanding condition for the course. There are many championship training and facilities which you can choose from. As a player, you will be challenged by the world class training. This training will strengthen your body, refresh your mind and train the personal golf game. A landscape that attract attention, exercise special techniques, Lively landscape areas and a fantastic location is available here. In addition there is a world-class professional training that will improve your game. Every new hole will bring joy to many experienced golfers.

Everyone will enjoy the exciting experience in Golf in Spain. You’ll find a place where you will be able to play golf at an affordable price and awesome environment under the sun. Golf in Spain is the best adventure and exciting activities than you have ever experienced.

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Traveling to the capital of Netherland, Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam in the summer could be consider as one of the coolest cities in Europe. The main destination for the tourist is the capital of Netherlands. Exploring every corner of the city to discover the existing wonder. If you have many times to stay, you may chance to see ancient monument in the city, evidence of historical and traditional heritage in the form of large houses, temples and the antique rare item in the museum. The beautiful nature in the city enhance to the beauty of the city and make us reluctant to leave. Amsterdam hotel accommodation is located near the shopping complexes area, restaurants and places of recreation and entertainment hubs. Amsterdam cheap hotels is usually the best way to spend a few hours of shopping or exploring the sights or on business. Rest and start again to explore the city with a new strength.

People do not find any lack of service in Amsterdam Hotels Rooms for each type of service needs, because the service and amenities will make customers feel like at home and comfortable. Enjoy also a more economical way to occupy one of the hotels that provide discounts, and also have television facilities, internet, telephone, 24 hour front desk service, breakfast and other menu provided in Amsterdam hotels. Spend money for accommodation is not recommended for travelers who have a limited budget. Therefore, to reduce expenses they should choose a cheaper hotel rates. However the tourists basic needs is the availability of cheap accommodation so that if the tourists can take advantage of existing accommodation without having to spend lots of money.

Amsterdam has rich culture, one of them is the Venice of the north. For those who like the music can satisfy their desire. You can view the show on the road or the singer who brought good music to pedestrian. Nightlife in Amsterdam also offers a glittering lights, colorful and makes an entertaining romantic atmosphere.

Plan your itinerary to Barcelona, Spain

If you are planning to go and visit Spain, and you have to list Barcelona at the priority of your travel plans. The reason is not only because the second largest city in Spain or the capital of Catalonia, but more than this reason, Barcelona is modern and historic city known for its culture. Barcelona is one of the most popular place among tourists in Europe and probably the main destination in Spain. Many tourists from all over the world visit Barcelona every year.

Barcelona has many places to visit, which makes a bit confused where to begin visit from. You might ask for tour guide services that provide guidance. Some places to begin visit is the Sagrada Familia or La Rambla acres. La Ramba is very popular in Barcelona, where tourists can walk leisurely and enjoy the culture and lives of citizens in Spanish. In Las Rambla there are also many cafes and stores. You can occasionally go to a café for refreshment. You can search handicraft items at craft stores that displaying many beautiful souvenirs. There are also a famous fountain is believed that anyone who drink it certainly will come visit again. Another alternative is you can walk from the Sagrada Familia to the Barcelona Cathedral. If you are tired during the walk, you can take a break in the café.

When you are in Barcelona, you should see the great works of a master architect Antonio Gaudi. Many of his works such as Sangrad Familia that designed since 1882. There are also many museums, stadiums, zoos which has a unique attraction in Barcelona. Barcelona hotels are always fully occupied in Barcelona every year. Therefore you need to book early. Many cheap hotels in Barcelona, less than Euro 20 per night. There is also a luxury hotel which cost Euro 100. Most of these hotels offer discounts between 10 to 30 percent.