Heidelberg Castle, Germany; Awaken the fantasy of imagination

Visit to Germany is not complete prior to visiting and seeing the beauty of the Heidelberg Castle. This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country’s history, located in the Neckar Valley. Therefore do not be surprised if the historic building that has always been a source of inspiration scenario writers, or filmmakers, and writers. […]

Perth, Australia; City of Thousand Parks

Almost all major cities in Australia have a beautiful park and clean. The ultimate goal of course for the greening and the lungs of the city. However, many activities that can be done there, ranging from exercise, rest breaks while enjoying food in the office and school activities, and hanging out with family and friends […]

Visiting the country with thousand temple

Temple seems to be a part that can not be separated for the birth of the Indonesian culture. Every inch of carved stone temple has its own story, until finally creating so many legends about the history or past life of this country.

The existence of many temples scattered in the country is actually built as […]

Enjoy incredible beautiful place of Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia, southern Spain region, has buildings incredibly beautiful place to visit. The buildings are beautiful blend Arab and Christian architecture thick. Spain has been under Catholic doctrine, then dominated the Arab countries, until taken over again by the Catholics. So, go to Andalusia and discover special places from the church to the former fortress.

Aljama […]

Journey to Graz, Austria, curtural city of Europe

A few years ago, the city of Graz was named the Culture Capital of Europe or called as the cultural city of Europe. City with beautiful and classic shades of this is the second largest city in Austria and is a Steyrmark provincial capitals. Geographically, direct border with Austria Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech […]

3 Attractions You Never Imagined Existing in Costa Rica

Do you think you know all about Costa Rica? Think again… Every year hundreds of nature explorers come to this Central American country hoping to find new remote places to investigate and they almost never leave disappointed. Thanks to these investigators new fabulous places have been discovered through out the years and despite their isolated […]

Enjoying Europe atmosphere in Victoria

When we arrived at Melbourne International Airport, the capital of the State of Victoria, Australia. Cold air directly ambushed when we got out of the airport to the parking lot. The air temperature is about 7-15 degrees Celsius.

For citizens of Melbourne, the temperature is not very cold, but, for those who live in tropic area, […]

Brussels, Town of Two Period of Civilization

Brussels is town of two period of civilization. There is the grandeur of ancient European building became the symbol of the grandeur of this city in the past, but also tucked a modern skyscraper with a wealth of contemporary architecture. The city is like a period where the meeting between the past and present.

Brussels, […]

Underwater Sensation in Karimunjawa

“There is not enough to dive in Karimunjawa in one day.  The words can illustrate how many dive sites can be explored.

Swish sound of the waves and gusts of wind when the first time come to the beach of Karimun Jawa, Jepara regency.

To get to the island’s area of 1285.5 hectares, it takes 3.5 hours […]

Journey to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a pleasant town with lots of parks, beautiful old buildings, alleys that lead us to a cafe, sidewalk cafes, and eclectic local boutiques. And, especially for you who love the arts and culture event, Melbourne has plenty.

Where to Go?
Abstinence tennis fans spend a tennis stadium tour visiting Rod Laver Arena which is used […]