Marine Tourism Guidance

Tour by using ships, cruises, or ferries while seeing sights high seas, straits between islands, the sunrise and sunset is very pleasant. Especially for those who have a hobby of fishing and diving, trips to the sea becomes the first choice for leisure travel spending during the holidays to come.

Before leaving for a trip to […]

Kantara Castle in Northern Cyprus

Of the three mountain fortresses that adorn the North Cyprus landscape, Kantara Castle is by far the most romantic. Its imposing structure stands proud upon the mountainside east of Kyrenia above the largely desolate coast road that runs to Kaplica village. To reach the castle most visitors arrange car hire Northern Cyprus having some attractions, […]

Enjoy Flight With Children

Many families with small children who choose to travel by plane this time. Air travel can reduce the travel time required when compared with other transportation equipment. If the mileage you need a long time, you should be prepared to reduce boredom and tension while flying in an airplane. If you have prepared yourself as […]