Enjoying Europe atmosphere in Victoria

When we arrived at Melbourne International Airport, the capital of the State of Victoria, Australia. Cold air directly ambushed when we got out of the airport to the parking lot. The air temperature is about 7-15 degrees Celsius.

For citizens of Melbourne, the temperature is not very cold, but, for those who live in tropic area, […]

Plan Experiences Summer Trips for Teens

When you are going to plan a holiday which bring teenagers, sometimes it can be really hard to know what your teen would prefer and what the best way to make them happy on holiday. However, you have to consider which place that give them experience and something impression. Find the locations in […]

Enjoy Stag Weekend Party

Arrange your weekends and party with the best stag packages only at the world’s best locations. Just imagine how amazing and exciting would be your last nights of being a bachelor with a stag weekend! Why do you spend the night of your life in the great destinations, at low prices? There are many cities […]

The Amazing Tour of Macau City

Perhaps, many people who know Macau is as the gambling city. However, the Macau government apparently realized that they could not always rely on gambling to capture the interest of tourists to come there. That’s why the government is now beginning to promote tourism. but in fact the natural charm of Macau has its charm […]