Visiting the country with thousand temple

Temple seems to be a part that can not be separated for the birth of the Indonesian culture. Every inch of carved stone temple has its own story, until finally creating so many legends about the history or past life of this country.

The existence of many temples scattered in the country is actually built as […]

The important things to prepare before hiking

Mount Himalaya, Semeru, Bromo, Rinjani and Jaya Wijaya, is a mountain that is always the target nature lovers. Different purposes does not mean no line. All agreed to tread to hike the highest peak.

In essence, after arriving at the top, looking beautiful curve of the mountain and admired the greatness of God, make yourself fall […]

Underwater Sensation in Karimunjawa

“There is not enough to dive in Karimunjawa in one day.  The words can illustrate how many dive sites can be explored.

Swish sound of the waves and gusts of wind when the first time come to the beach of Karimun Jawa, Jepara regency.

To get to the island’s area of 1285.5 hectares, it takes 3.5 hours […]