Newport Beach, California; Many Options of Tours

Squeezed between Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach in Southern California coast is the city of Newport Beach. What makes this city different from the coastal cities of the other? Newport Harbor has seven beautiful islands, including the island of Lido and Balboa, more than 9,000 vessels call this port home. Newport Beach also has 39 […]

Maldives; Different experience of your tour

Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka. In 2004, several islands in the Maldives was hit by the tsunami. From Singapore, there are daily flights to the Maldives 08:30 ETD and eta 22:30 (time of 2 hours behind Maldives from Jakarta, with a flying time of about 4.5 hours).

Male Airport, […]

Great experience golf vacation in Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination in the world. If you played a great game of golf, Spain is one of the best golf locations in the world. The mild climate and world history is a good place to invite family.

Perhaps the most challenging golf courses are found in Madrid, La Manga Club, Costa del […]

Lanai, Hawaii; Visiting the beautiful island of Little Nan

Lanai is one of a small island in the Hawaiian Islands can be reached by plane about 30 minutes from Honolulu or Kahului (Maui). The length of the island is only 18 miles (27 km) and the breadth about 13 miles (21 km) with an elevation ranging from sea level to 3400 ft (1036 m).

Although […]

Perth, Australia; City of Thousand Parks

Almost all major cities in Australia have a beautiful park and clean. The ultimate goal of course for the greening and the lungs of the city. However, many activities that can be done there, ranging from exercise, rest breaks while enjoying food in the office and school activities, and hanging out with family and friends […]

Marine Tourism Guidance

Tour by using ships, cruises, or ferries while seeing sights high seas, straits between islands, the sunrise and sunset is very pleasant. Especially for those who have a hobby of fishing and diving, trips to the sea becomes the first choice for leisure travel spending during the holidays to come.

Before leaving for a trip to […]

Enjoying Europe atmosphere in Victoria

When we arrived at Melbourne International Airport, the capital of the State of Victoria, Australia. Cold air directly ambushed when we got out of the airport to the parking lot. The air temperature is about 7-15 degrees Celsius.

For citizens of Melbourne, the temperature is not very cold, but, for those who live in tropic area, […]

Uniquely Spa Treatment & Relaxation

When you hear the word relaxation, massage or body treatment, who can deny it all?! It’s spoiled body, calm mind, and be healthy too. Maybe some of the following quote can be an alternative choice for you who want to relax and adventure.

Real Gold Lotion

Veronica Spa and Skin Care Center located in Malibu, California, this […]

Enjoy Your Days With Caravan Holidays

If you are going to have a holiday to the UK, you should have to choose a caravan holiday.  At this time it is becoming the most popular way for families to spend their time together doing somethings enjoy their activities. At modern caravan parks, you can get an offer everything what you need for […]

Journey to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a pleasant town with lots of parks, beautiful old buildings, alleys that lead us to a cafe, sidewalk cafes, and eclectic local boutiques. And, especially for you who love the arts and culture event, Melbourne has plenty.

Where to Go?
Abstinence tennis fans spend a tennis stadium tour visiting Rod Laver Arena which is used […]