Verona, Italia; The City of Romeo and Juliet

Speaking of Verona, it must not be separated from the love story of two lovers who are very famous in the world, Romeo and Juliet, written by W. Shakespeare. Thanks to this story too, Shakespeare is able to make Verona, as one of the most popular cities in the world today and travel to Verona […]

Komodo Island History

This is the story about the dragon. Not just a legend, but it is really a dragon that still inhabit the islands of eastern Indonesia and the middle. Giant reptiles of the world has a reputation as a top predator in its class.

Since the first Komodo island, the ranks of Flores Island, Indonesia, has emerged […]

Graz, Austria; Enjoy the splendor of the City Centre

In 2003, the city of Graz was named the Culture Capital of Europe or are referred to as the cultural city of Europe. The city with the feel of this beautiful and classic is the second largest city in Austria and is a provincial capital Steyrmark. Geographically, Austria’s borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the […]

Oxford, London, UK Portrait Whole

Oxford city, it’s about an hour journey by train from London, this city has already more than a thousand years ago, has grown quickly since the University of Oxford, England developed into a major university by King Henry II in 1167.

It’s not many universities in the world could become a tourist attraction like Oxford. Oxford’s […]

Makaresh, Morocco; Arab Berber Cultural Arts Center

Located in the southwestern slopes of the Atlas Mountains, about 150 km south of Rabat. Because quite far from the capital city, Marakesh is sometimes missed a short tour of the agenda. Marakesh, is the third largest city in Morocco after Casablanca modern metropolis, and the capital Rabat.

Marakesh is very rich by historical relic, because […]

Heidelberg Castle, Germany; Awaken the fantasy of imagination

Visit to Germany is not complete prior to visiting and seeing the beauty of the Heidelberg Castle. This magnificent palace is a symbol of the country’s history, located in the Neckar Valley. Therefore do not be surprised if the historic building that has always been a source of inspiration scenario writers, or filmmakers, and writers. […]

Traveling to the capital of Netherland, Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam in the summer could be consider as one of the coolest cities in Europe. The main destination for the tourist is the capital of Netherlands. Exploring every corner of the city to discover the existing wonder. If you have many times to stay, you may chance to see ancient monument in the city, […]

Plan your itinerary to Barcelona, Spain

If you are planning to go and visit Spain, and you have to list Barcelona at the priority of your travel plans. The reason is not only because the second largest city in Spain or the capital of Catalonia, but more than this reason, Barcelona is modern and historic city known for its culture. Barcelona […]

Perth, Australia; City of Thousand Parks

Almost all major cities in Australia have a beautiful park and clean. The ultimate goal of course for the greening and the lungs of the city. However, many activities that can be done there, ranging from exercise, rest breaks while enjoying food in the office and school activities, and hanging out with family and friends […]

Visiting the country with thousand temple

Temple seems to be a part that can not be separated for the birth of the Indonesian culture. Every inch of carved stone temple has its own story, until finally creating so many legends about the history or past life of this country.

The existence of many temples scattered in the country is actually built as […]