Verona, Italia; The City of Romeo and Juliet

Speaking of Verona, it must not be separated from the love story of two lovers who are very famous in the world, Romeo and Juliet, written by W. Shakespeare. Thanks to this story too, Shakespeare is able to make Verona, as one of the most popular cities in the world today and travel to Verona is amazing.

Scratches fantasy Shakespeare centuries ago that, until now much less pronounced in the city plays written by Shakespeare is able to turn the City of Verona with the construction of the Casa in Guiletta or family’s house Juliet balcony.

In the Shakespearean play, house balcony is a place of meeting Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who are not sanctioned both of their parents because both families are hostile. Now, Casa In Guiletta used as tourist attraction and is able to attract the tourists. Moreover, there are also sculptures made from copper Romeo and Juliet that is able to increase the power of fantasy story of tragic romance of two young children.

Walking the streets of the city of Verona is to start from the gates of the city center, the main piazza or called Piazza Bra. The atmosphere is spacious, clean and enlivened by the bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops are not left behind.

Town hall, known as the Palazzo Barbieri is situated opposite the piazza, a magnificent town hall which was founded in 1883. In addition to town hall, some older buildings that are hundreds of years can we see in this town like Grand Guardia Palace, Palazzo Guastaversa which were the work of Sanmicheli, architect experts that wing of the Renaissance and the Roman Amphitheatre, which became the center of the piazza.

The Roman Amphitheatre is a relic of the Roman Empire which was one of the world’s greatest opera stages. With a size of 138×109 meters can accommodate about 22 thousand spectators. In the summer in this place often held performances of opera, Dell’Opera Lirica. Most of these buildings already is the result of renovation

Lamberti Tower which is the highest tower in Verona which was built in 1172, is also one place that you should not miss when we travel to Verona. For those who love to shop, go straight to the Via Mazzini. A pedestrian street filled with boutiques famous brand names on board.

At the end of the street Via Mazzini, Piazza Delle Erbe there is the center of the city where markets where there used to be a place where the ancient Roman Forum stands. Almost all the buildings that surround this piazza is a historic building which is equipped dengn some very beautiful. This story sculpture, Verona deserved chosen as your next destination.

Apart from Verona there is one place left in Italy who feels no less romantic, is Venezia (Venice in English), which dubbed the city of love. Center and the most preferred destination of foreign tourists is the San Marco Square (Saint Mark’s Square / Square San Marco). To the east is the San Marco Basilica and Doge Palace (Palazzo Ducale), both of which this is the most important and famous buildings in Venice.

Venice is a city that stands on a group of small islands. The number is 117 islands. Centuries ago, the Italian citizen who was being chased by the barbarians, fled into the lagoon at corner Adriatika Sea. On top of “the pieces” uninhabited land that Venice began to blossom into a residential colony.

Prominence and artistic skills of the people of Venice made the city turned into a beautiful city. The city was also always crowded with tourists, especially on holidays and weekends. Means of transportation in Venice is the gondola, which is a boat with a flat bottom which is controlled by a single oar. Today, the gondolas are used mainly for the tourists.

Venice is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. City buildings and decorations-decor from the Byzantine era until the Renaissance style, which has shown a high artistic value. The work of art school and painting the people of Venice on view in the palaces, public buildings, and churches in Venice No wonder this city known as the city of love, because this place is very romantic and charming

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