Newport Beach, California; Many Options of Tours

Squeezed between Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach in Southern California coast is the city of Newport Beach. What makes this city different from the coastal cities of the other? Newport Harbor has seven beautiful islands, including the island of Lido and Balboa, more than 9,000 vessels call this port home. Newport Beach also has 39 miles of bike paths and 11 miles off-road trail bike.

Sailing, surfing, fishing and observing wildlife are popular activities you can do here. Shopping at Fashion Island and along the wetlands in Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and Nature Preserve, dine at one of the 300 restaurants, explore the historic Cannery Village, or enjoy a wonderful sea view from Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach’s destination streets riveting.

The Beach in Newport Beach is very famous for its beautiful beaches in southern California. The city is located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and very easily accessible via freeway 55 and 73. Newport Beach Pier is also one of the purposes why the beach is visited by travelers who come on foot, riding bicycles, rollerblades, in addition to other motor vehicles.

With the weather warm enough throughout the year, Newport Beach offers all activities, from swimming in the sea, fishing, exercising and so forth, for almost the whole society. Here, you can find easy parking facilities on the beach, which is generally very difficult to find in coastal areas, to facilitate the travelers who come to enjoy the beach.

Balboa Island, a cute and very fun this is a community that is very popular and attracted the attention of travelers and locals. Protected from the waves hit the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the tranquil beaches, this island is truly a paradise island full of sun, and located in beautiful Newport Harbor. The island is accessible via a bridge at the end of Jamboree Road and can also by ferry from the Balboa Peninsula.

An institution in Newport Beach since 1936, the Balboa Fun Zone, is ideal for children of all ages. Ride a Ferris wheel, carousel, and car bombs. Enjoy the narration of the harbor cruise or a Sea-Doo (Jet Ski – ed.), Sailing ship or boat fluffy (electric ship – ed.).

Playing video games, pose for a portrait, or just stroll along the Souvenirs shops along the street. And of course the unforgettable tasting snacks in Balboa Bars-Covered-chocolate ice cream bars are covered by toppings of your choice. Stop by for a moment to enjoy a hamburger or pizza or restaurant on the water’s edge, like the Newport Landing Restaurant or Pavilion’s The Tale of the Whale Restaurant is famous.

Newport Beach also is home of choice for leading citizens, with stately homes leafs coves and sea ships parked in their backyard. Like Dennis Rodman, ex-NBA player is ‘quirky’, chose to settle and also unlock restaurant businesses in this area.

Rodman’s offers a variety of foods for your tongue as well as clubbing a festive atmosphere. While the 3-Thirty-3 Waterfront Restaurant offers a slightly different atmosphere with a sophisticated atmosphere. Settlers of this region are very fond of this place because they can gather with friends and family while relaxing, but still elegant, in accordance with the personality of stylish Newport Beach resident.

Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, the Pride of Newport, is one corner of this city offered educative. In the river boat-shaped museum can be found a variety of maritime history of the United States. The museum was first opened in 1986 at Balboa Boulevard. But slowly his collection continued to grow and forced management to move the location of the museum into a bigger place. In 1994, the museum’s board launched a massive campaign, and it turns out these business owners attract River Boat Restaurant.

SHOWBOAT is a landmark ports and built in 1963 by Blurock and Associates which is a replica of the Delta Paddlewheeler. Now the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum is offering three galleries, classrooms, conference rooms, library and also a restaurant and gift shop. You can explore the history of Newport Harbor, while enjoying a collection of beautiful models of ships in the Pacific Ocean. Educational programs for children and adults can also be found in the department of education and their prices are listed in the restaurant.

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