Tidung Island, Paradise The Backpacker

Tidung island later called by the backpacker and the community as a back packer Indonesia New Paradise is the largest island among the group of islands in the Thousand Islands. The island is already inhabited by people since the Dutch colonial era. In the book History of Djakarta, mentioned that when Fatahillah invaded Malacca, he and his troops make use of existing islands in the Bay of Jakarta as a place to set the strategy. One of the island was named Island Tidung, meaning island shelter.

Tidung Island is the center of the Thousand Islands District South. The island is inhabited by more than 3 thousand head of the family. Most of the fishermen population.

To the east of the island have Tidung Small Island. Now these two islands are connected by a wooden bridge that is very beautiful. We can along the bridge, looking down the clear sea with stunning coral reefs and colorful fish. The length of the bridge about 2 miles. In the vicinity of the bridge there were some local fishermen’s fish kerambah.

Although not a tourist island, but the island is very comfortable to be a place of recreation for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the island with a low cost. The clear sea water and white sand on the shores of beautiful beaches to enjoy. Not to mention the charm of a beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. So do not be surprised if the backpacker call this island as a new heaven or new paradise for lovers of community tourism in the country.

Swimming and fishing on the island is very pleasant. Visitors can be fishing on the pier or on bridge or hire a fishing boat. So is swimming. Diving and snorkeling activities are also okay. Especially now widely available equipment rental plus snorkeling and diving guides and small boat.

For lodging do not worry. There are many lodgings here. Especially in the past year, construction of new lodging-inn continues to be done by residents to anticipate an increasing number of visitors every week. If any existing inn is full, we can really stay in the houses of residents. Generally they Welcome to the guests. If you want to get something to eat can also be purchased at food stalls. There is rice, meatballs, chicken noodle and others. We also can order catering at home resident. They must be willing to accept that our catering messages. About the price, not expensive, really. Only 15-17ribu for a meal.

To reach this island, we can come through the Port of Muara Angke Jakarta or from the Port of Muara Cituis (Rawasaban) Tangerang. To the Port of Muara Angke, we can ride public transportation from Grogol or Kopami of Beos, City. Meanwhile, if passed Tangerang, we can drive colt from New Market Terminal.

Both of Muara Port Cituis and from the Port of Muara Angke standby vehicles every day. Vehicle owned wooden boats fishing the Thousand Islands. It’s just that we have to know his schedule, not to be missed. From Muara Angke, usually ships depart at 07.30. We recommend that passengers have arrived at the pier prior to 0700 because if it is full of direct ship departed without waiting for the schedule. Especially if Saturday. 0600 the ship was often forced to leave because it was already full. It cost only 33 thousand each way, with a long journey around 2 hour.

While the departures from Tangerang Cituis Estuary at 11.00 am with a cost of 20 thousand and travel about 1.5 hours long. Want a holiday? Thousand Island ONLY!

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