Graz, Austria; Enjoy the splendor of the City Centre

In 2003, the city of Graz was named the Culture Capital of Europe or are referred to as the cultural city of Europe. The city with the feel of this beautiful and classic is the second largest city in Austria and is a provincial capital Steyrmark. Geographically, Austria’s borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary that make this country as a blend of western and eastern European culture and make it attractive to be visited by foreign tourists.

Graz can be reached from another city easily and quickly through the air and ground transportation access for instance with a travel time of only three hours from Vienna, and four hours from the city of Venezia (Italy) by train or four-wheel vehicles. Entering the city of Graz from south westerly direction towards the center of town, on the right and left of the road can be found with a beautiful panorama of mountains and hills planted with vines which is famous for its quality up to foreign countries.

Stepping on the vineyard with golden yellow leaves and fruits are beginning to mature while inhaling the fresh mountain air, adding a sense of touch and natural unification of the cool and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and air pollution. The vineyard is also a place where tourism is in great demand by the tourists in the summer.

Towards the center of town, can be found magnificent building and a symbol of Graz city government called the Town Hall which has a wide field area is located right in front of him. This building was built in the 16th century and later renovated by the famous architect Graz, Wielemans and Reuter in the 19th century in line with population growth in a fairly large city of Graz on that era in line with the role and function of government is the greater.

The main ornament is then simplify Town Hall in the 20th century while maintaining the existence of art and culture of Austria. Until now, this building still functioned as a government office city of Graz and also doubles as a civil registry office where the bridal couple in the town confirmed the marriage bond.

In the midst of a large area in front of Town Hall called this Hauptplatz, seen a large human monument stood firm that is a statue of Archduke Johann Styrian prince who lived during the 17th century.

This monument was specifically awarded to him and also serve as a symbol of the start of economic development in the city of Graz. Four female statues are located at four corner points of this large monument marks the four rivers which flow through the city of Graz, the Mur, Enns, Drava and Sann who is a border territory in the days of glory. Over time, this monument was redesigned by an architect famous Austrian, Markus Pernthaler in 2002.

Hauptplatz itself in ancient times used as a traditional market that sells farm products such as milk, meat, fruit, cheese, and oil from pumpkin seeds. Until now, Hauptlatz still serve as a night market activities, carnival, arts and entertainment that are still in demand by residents of this city, especially in summer.

Seen a row of beautiful buildings around Hauptlatz which until now remains to serve as a shopping and business center, a moment’s eyes stopped on a small street named Sporgasse long located between the old buildings with the architects of high quality and elegant style walls add to the beauty along the This small road, which is also a connecting road between the river valley Hauptlatz with myrrh.

At first glance the building looks old is not old, but the actual age of this building is more than one hundred years. Goldene Pastete is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Graz with an interesting corner of the building architect of the era heyday Reinassance and is located on the right side of the road Sporgasse. Until now the building that used to be a restaurant typical Austrian cuisine is still preserved by the government while maintaining the authenticity of Graz with a red brick wall color and window ornament color combinations of white and green traditional nuances.

The music and songs of the street artists at some point this way adds a festive and comfortable atmosphere for visitors to spend time while eating the food and beverage choices in one restaurant liver. Seen a girl who played harp with the nimble fingers and stunning the hearts of visitors.

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