Oxford, London, UK Portrait Whole

trav_oxford2Oxford city, it’s about an hour journey by train from London, this city has already more than a thousand years ago, has grown quickly since the University of Oxford, England developed into a major university by King Henry II in 1167.

It’s not many universities in the world could become a tourist attraction like Oxford. Oxford’s main attraction comes from the ability of the British Government take care of every detail of buildings and urban planning as well as the state hundreds years ago. So, every day thousands of tourists come to see wards and lecture rooms there while enjoying the sensation of learning time.

Moreover, since the Harry Potter films using the university as place of shooting, visitors to Oxford increase Harry Potter teen devotee. Places Hogwart magic school shooting is part of Christ Church in Oxford.

Perhaps the Oxford portrait is a whole portrait of England, that is able to maintain a good condition until hundreds or even thousands of years.

In London, basement bar in central London is believed that It have been there since the fifteenth century. Wooden chair in it so thick and heavy, while the gloomy atmosphere that is truly separates us from the reality of the modern world ablaze in the Mayfair area.

Tour to the UK is enjoying the course progress of the age. City of London, that looked so old, does not even need to do anything else when being used for filming scenes magic market on Diagon Alley Harry Potter films.trav_oxford2

The best audio sound systems technology one of them come from London via a variety of top brands, as well as high-tech precision Rolls Royce cars. Then also see large groups of the world that well known, among others through London like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Genesis, Camel, Queen, The Who, to Elton John.

So, if you travel to England, you should enjoy the London Wheel (TLW). Electrical giant windmill on the River Thames is like a metaphor for the state truly British.

TLW made with very high technology, with enhanced capabilities for steel, but standing side by side with the oldest parts of London. TLW can be seen clearly from the top of the parliament building, the tower of Big Ben, even airplanes coming and going in the world’s busiest airport, Heathrow.

We are also able to retreat to prehistoric times in England. Go to Salisbury, about 150 kilometers northwest of London. In addition to Salisbury Cathedral to see which stores copies of the Magna Charta of the thirteenth century, a tourist destination that should not be missed is The Stonehenge, the ancient astronomical sites is still crisscrossing its history until now.

Magna Charta has already a historical record of the world, not just English anymore. The document was approved in 1215 King John this is an agreement with the Pope (at that time England was still under the subjection of Rome as a Catholic), that the king’s absolute power should be limited. Magna Charta can be said is a record of respect for the rights of the public and law enforcement to the top.

On the southeastern edge of London we are able to visit Greenwich, the town is the reference time in the world. There, a line of stainless steel in the ground which extends into a bookmark that is zero degrees longitude world. Remember when the world? Remember the GMT time. Greenwich Mean Time.

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