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The Best Place to Shop Custom Car Covers

For some men, their car is their most precious belonging. They do many things to make it looks beautiful and comfortable to ride. They do everything to protect them from damage and even scratches. If you want to make your car looks great for a long time, you must protect it with car cover when you are not driving it. Car cover will protect your car exterior from moisture, dust, snow, and UV rays while you park it. In consequence, your car will stay have its high value even after years of usage.

Where to get the best car cover?

If you want to buy a car cover, you must shop it at the best place. The best car covers provider will offer you with wide arrays of car covers for any models, years, and make. One of the best places to shop for car covers is This online store offers you with high quality car cover which will protect your car from any things that can damage its exterior from various factors.

This car cover online store provides you with extension choices of car covers. They are available in different type of fabrics and colors. Buying a car cover from this store will ensure you that it is perfectly fit to your car no matter the model, make, and year. This store only offers you with high quality car covers. Therefore, you can be sure that they are durable and strong. It also offers customizable options. You can customize it in certain color or with certain monograms. also provides you with two types of car covers. You can choose one for outdoor use or indoor use. They have different features that will meet the different characteristics of both environments. The outdoor car covers have excellent ability in protecting your car from rain and UV rays. The indoor one has certain features such as dust protection, breathable material, heat insulation, and ding protection. All the car covers from this store is more affordable. It is approximately 40% cheaper from the retail price.

Other products from Custom Car Cover

This car cover store also provides you with other products such as car floor mats, car dash covers, and car seat covers. If you want your car interior looks cleaner and more beautiful, having high quality car floor mats and car seat covers. If you have young children, you must get car seat covers to protect the leather from stain and dirt.

Where to Buy High Quality RV Covers

Your RV is surely your investment. Based on this fact, it is important for you to make sure that it is well protected. It should not only be insured but also be well covered. If your vehicle is frequently exposed to harmful external factors like rain and sunrays, its body can get damaged easily. Because damages caused by weather are usually not covered by insurance companies, you should prevent them. For this purpose, buying an RV cover is a must. Even though this effort requires you to allocate a certain amount of money, you definitely will get lots of benefits. In this case, one important thing that you must do is to buy a high quality RV cover because a high quality product has a great performance and a long life span. Thus, you will be able to save money in the long run.

To buy high quality RV covers, you should find the right store. This can be challenging because there are lots of stores offering covers for RV, trailers, and vans out there. However, with the existence of, your search should not take a long time. The store is one stop resource for high quality RV covers. All of their products are made from high quality materials that have been selectively chosen. This means that their covers can give perfect protection to your RV and are durable enough to protect it for a long time. In fact, this is not the only reason to shop at their store. Their huge product selection enables you to find a cover that perfectly fits your RV easily. It is true that shopping at a store that offers lots of options to choose gives you an ability to find what you are looking for. Also, when you decide to buy several types of covers, such store enables you to find all of them. This means that you do not need to visit other stores.

Further, their knowledgeable sales representatives and dedicated customer service will give you positive shopping experiences. When you are unable to decide which cover perfectly suits your vehicle, you can ask sales representatives to help you. When you need to track your order, you can ask customer service office to assist you. The combination of top quality covers, the ease to find the most suitable cover and great shopping experiences is certainly what all customers ever want. Therefore, there should not be any other reason why you feel reluctant to shop at their store.

Verona, Italia; The City of Romeo and Juliet

Speaking of Verona, it must not be separated from the love story of two lovers who are very famous in the world, Romeo and Juliet, written by W. Shakespeare. Thanks to this story too, Shakespeare is able to make Verona, as one of the most popular cities in the world today and travel to Verona is amazing.

Scratches fantasy Shakespeare centuries ago that, until now much less pronounced in the city plays written by Shakespeare is able to turn the City of Verona with the construction of the Casa in Guiletta or family’s house Juliet balcony.

In the Shakespearean play, house balcony is a place of meeting Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who are not sanctioned both of their parents because both families are hostile. Now, Casa In Guiletta used as tourist attraction and is able to attract the tourists. Moreover, there are also sculptures made from copper Romeo and Juliet that is able to increase the power of fantasy story of tragic romance of two young children.

Walking the streets of the city of Verona is to start from the gates of the city center, the main piazza or called Piazza Bra. The atmosphere is spacious, clean and enlivened by the bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops are not left behind.

Town hall, known as the Palazzo Barbieri is situated opposite the piazza, a magnificent town hall which was founded in 1883. In addition to town hall, some older buildings that are hundreds of years can we see in this town like Grand Guardia Palace, Palazzo Guastaversa which were the work of Sanmicheli, architect experts that wing of the Renaissance and the Roman Amphitheatre, which became the center of the piazza.

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Newport Beach, California; Many Options of Tours

Squeezed between Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach in Southern California coast is the city of Newport Beach. What makes this city different from the coastal cities of the other? Newport Harbor has seven beautiful islands, including the island of Lido and Balboa, more than 9,000 vessels call this port home. Newport Beach also has 39 miles of bike paths and 11 miles off-road trail bike.

Sailing, surfing, fishing and observing wildlife are popular activities you can do here. Shopping at Fashion Island and along the wetlands in Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and Nature Preserve, dine at one of the 300 restaurants, explore the historic Cannery Village, or enjoy a wonderful sea view from Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach’s destination streets riveting.

The Beach in Newport Beach is very famous for its beautiful beaches in southern California. The city is located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, and very easily accessible via freeway 55 and 73. Newport Beach Pier is also one of the purposes why the beach is visited by travelers who come on foot, riding bicycles, rollerblades, in addition to other motor vehicles.

With the weather warm enough throughout the year, Newport Beach offers all activities, from swimming in the sea, fishing, exercising and so forth, for almost the whole society. Here, you can find easy parking facilities on the beach, which is generally very difficult to find in coastal areas, to facilitate the travelers who come to enjoy the beach.

Balboa Island, a cute and very fun this is a community that is very popular and attracted the attention of travelers and locals. Protected from the waves hit the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the tranquil beaches, this island is truly a paradise island full of sun, and located in beautiful Newport Harbor. The island is accessible via a bridge at the end of Jamboree Road and can also by ferry from the Balboa Peninsula.

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Komodo Island History

This is the story about the dragon. Not just a legend, but it is really a dragon that still inhabit the islands of eastern Indonesia and the middle. Giant reptiles of the world has a reputation as a top predator in its class.

Since the first Komodo island, the ranks of Flores Island, Indonesia, has emerged the story of a giant dragon. Many sailors who recounts that the dragon is more like a scary monster.

Large tail can knock down a buffalo with a single flick. Jaws were large and strong, to be able to swallow a wild pig in one motion. And from it’s mouth constantly spewing fire.

This story has circulated widely and could attract the attention of many people. But no one had ever dared to approach the island to prove it. Until finally in the early 1910s, came the report of the combat force the Dutch fleet, based in Flores about the mysterious creature allegedly “dragon” inhabit a small island in the Lesser Sunda Islands (now ranks of Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara).

Dutch military sailors gave a report that the creature is likely to be measuring up to seven meters long, with a giant body and mouth are constantly spewing fire. Lieutenant Steyn van Hensbroek, an official of the Dutch colonial administration in the region of Flores heard these reports and stories that surround the island of Komodo. He also planned a trip to Komodo Island.

After arming himself and took a team of trained soldiers, he landed on the island. After several days on the island, Hensbroek managed to kill a strange species.

He took him to headquarters and length measurements were taken that catch length about 2.1 meters. The shape is very much like a lizard. Animals were then photographed (documented) by Peter A Ouwens, director of the Zoological Museum and Botanical Gardens Bogor, Java. This is the first documentation of the dragons.

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Tidung Island, Paradise The Backpacker

Tidung island later called by the backpacker and the community as a back packer Indonesia New Paradise is the largest island among the group of islands in the Thousand Islands. The island is already inhabited by people since the Dutch colonial era. In the book History of Djakarta, mentioned that when Fatahillah invaded Malacca, he and his troops make use of existing islands in the Bay of Jakarta as a place to set the strategy. One of the island was named Island Tidung, meaning island shelter.

Tidung Island is the center of the Thousand Islands District South. The island is inhabited by more than 3 thousand head of the family. Most of the fishermen population.

To the east of the island have Tidung Small Island. Now these two islands are connected by a wooden bridge that is very beautiful. We can along the bridge, looking down the clear sea with stunning coral reefs and colorful fish. The length of the bridge about 2 miles. In the vicinity of the bridge there were some local fishermen’s fish kerambah.

Although not a tourist island, but the island is very comfortable to be a place of recreation for people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the island with a low cost. The clear sea water and white sand on the shores of beautiful beaches to enjoy. Not to mention the charm of a beautiful sunrise and sunset each day. So do not be surprised if the backpacker call this island as a new heaven or new paradise for lovers of community tourism in the country.

Swimming and fishing on the island is very pleasant. Visitors can be fishing on the pier or on bridge or hire a fishing boat. So is swimming. Diving and snorkeling activities are also okay. Especially now widely available equipment rental plus snorkeling and diving guides and small boat.

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West Bali National Park, uniquely tourism

West Bali National Park (TNBB) with an area of 19,000 hectares, spread out in two districts, namely Kabupaten Buleleng and Jembrana district, which can be reached from Denpasar town about 3.5 hours towards Gilimanuk. Cekik city, about 6 km before the city Gilimanuk, Office TNBB / PPA is located, where all the administrative problems to be solved, to get into the area TNBB. Very impressive, no matter a rambling bureaucracy, everything can be solved in a short time.

There are two ways to enter TNBB, which can be passed by a vehicle, or a more Adventures, namely through the path, up and down the mountain, from the Source Klampok Klatakan to Mt. One interesting place to visit is the Bali Starling Bird penangkatan (Leucopsar rothschildi) who supposedly lived only a dozen in number in their natural habitat.

We hear that the Bali Starling breeding birds are almost “Extinct” This has been successfully performed by the San Diego Zoo and the Japanese. Even recently, Japan has donated another 24 to produce tail Bali Starling in-Indonesia and TNBB get 10 fish quota.

Bali Starling bird breeding center which is managed by the Office of TNBB, done Tegal Bunder Postal sector. Bali Starling breeding facility that is almost extinct, which also has become an international concern, it seems inadequate, even a veterinarian visit very erratic. Maybe it is better if the TNBB or Natural Development Center, sending its staff to “comparative study” to the San Diego Zoo as well as Japan, which is certainly more sophisticated all-in all things.

The next trip you can continue with Prapat Heading down the coast toward the Great which is located on the edge of the white sandy beach, by the inhabitants called the “old beach”, very beautiful. If provided for the tourist beaches of Kuta, the beach seems a long time indeed provided to the (nudist) TNBB residents.

To meet the desire of the tourist that do not satisfied, then provided the island. Besides having beautiful beaches, the island where the snorkeling is also very beautiful. If you are lucky, the divers can joke with Dolphins and Turtles. The island is also inhabited by various founa such as deer, Warthog, and others. And, also the choice of the Birds Watcher, which at certain times, can see the waves of migrating birds, from the northern to the southern hemisphere and vice versa.

In addition to fauna, in TNBB there are also several types of unique flora, it is said there are only there only, like a thorn tree Crocodile Panggal like the back of a crocodile. This wood is favored by sculptors Ubud, because the groove wood is a rather unique and mystical nuance, but this tree is protected.

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Graz, Austria; Enjoy the splendor of the City Centre

In 2003, the city of Graz was named the Culture Capital of Europe or are referred to as the cultural city of Europe. The city with the feel of this beautiful and classic is the second largest city in Austria and is a provincial capital Steyrmark. Geographically, Austria’s borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary that make this country as a blend of western and eastern European culture and make it attractive to be visited by foreign tourists.

Graz can be reached from another city easily and quickly through the air and ground transportation access for instance with a travel time of only three hours from Vienna, and four hours from the city of Venezia (Italy) by train or four-wheel vehicles. Entering the city of Graz from south westerly direction towards the center of town, on the right and left of the road can be found with a beautiful panorama of mountains and hills planted with vines which is famous for its quality up to foreign countries.

Stepping on the vineyard with golden yellow leaves and fruits are beginning to mature while inhaling the fresh mountain air, adding a sense of touch and natural unification of the cool and peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and air pollution. The vineyard is also a place where tourism is in great demand by the tourists in the summer.

Towards the center of town, can be found magnificent building and a symbol of Graz city government called the Town Hall which has a wide field area is located right in front of him. This building was built in the 16th century and later renovated by the famous architect Graz, Wielemans and Reuter in the 19th century in line with population growth in a fairly large city of Graz on that era in line with the role and function of government is the greater.

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Oxford, London, UK Portrait Whole

trav_oxford2Oxford city, it’s about an hour journey by train from London, this city has already more than a thousand years ago, has grown quickly since the University of Oxford, England developed into a major university by King Henry II in 1167.

It’s not many universities in the world could become a tourist attraction like Oxford. Oxford’s main attraction comes from the ability of the British Government take care of every detail of buildings and urban planning as well as the state hundreds years ago. So, every day thousands of tourists come to see wards and lecture rooms there while enjoying the sensation of learning time.

Moreover, since the Harry Potter films using the university as place of shooting, visitors to Oxford increase Harry Potter teen devotee. Places Hogwart magic school shooting is part of Christ Church in Oxford.

Perhaps the Oxford portrait is a whole portrait of England, that is able to maintain a good condition until hundreds or even thousands of years.

In London, basement bar in central London is believed that It have been there since the fifteenth century. Wooden chair in it so thick and heavy, while the gloomy atmosphere that is truly separates us from the reality of the modern world ablaze in the Mayfair area.

Tour to the UK is enjoying the course progress of the age. City of London, that looked so old, does not even need to do anything else when being used for filming scenes magic market on Diagon Alley Harry Potter films.trav_oxford2

The best audio sound systems technology one of them come from London via a variety of top brands, as well as high-tech precision Rolls Royce cars. Then also see large groups of the world that well known, among others through London like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Genesis, Camel, Queen, The Who, to Elton John.

So, if you travel to England, you should enjoy the London Wheel (TLW). Electrical giant windmill on the River Thames is like a metaphor for the state truly British.

TLW made with very high technology, with enhanced capabilities for steel, but standing side by side with the oldest parts of London. TLW can be seen clearly from the top of the parliament building, the tower of Big Ben, even airplanes coming and going in the world’s busiest airport, Heathrow.

We are also able to retreat to prehistoric times in England. Go to Salisbury, about 150 kilometers northwest of London. In addition to Salisbury Cathedral to see which stores copies of the Magna Charta of the thirteenth century, a tourist destination that should not be missed is The Stonehenge, the ancient astronomical sites is still crisscrossing its history until now.

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